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Embedded processors

Most embedded systems developed today are produced in quantities custom chip development is not economically feasible. So, most developers cannot use the advantages of the system-on-a-chip design method. The only way for low volume SoC is to integrate the application specific logic and an embedded processor into an FPGA. This approach leads to a very compact, highly integrated and cost efficient hardware but often lacks the necessary debug functionality.

Power is nothing without control

This slogan was adopted from Pirelli, a famous global player company with a broad product portfolio. The main products, however, are tires. While the mentioned slogan is true for tires, it is more than only true for the field of embedded application development. Most of the time needed for the development of an embedded system is taken for debugging and test.

The product portfolio of Quickchip consists of hardware modules for embedded processor applications, so-called IP cores. These cores give the users both excellent computation power and outstanding debug control.

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