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The QUIC_8051 is an 8051 compatible embedded processor core that achieves six times the performance of a standard 8051 micro controller. While a standard 8051 micro controller takes 12 clock cycless for a machine cycle the QUIC_8051 only takes two.

For an efficient debugging, a QUIC_8051 based FPGA can be connected to a standard 8051 In-Circuit Emulator. All ICE that can deal with standard romless 8051 derivatives without additionan debug signals like an 8031 can be used for emulation. So, QUIC_8051 based FPGA designs can be debugged with the high-level feature set and the comfort of an In-Circuit Emulator. No on-chip debug module exhibits such features an In-Circuit Emulator does like code coverage and performance analysis.

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